An epidemiology report released March 16 showed that 3 percent of Washington, DC, residents are HIV positive; however, city officials say the number is most likely an undercount, The Washington Post reports. In response to the study, the city plans to launch a comprehensive HIV testing initiative.

According to Shannon Hader, director of the city’s HIV/AIDS administration, the report only counted residents who got tested and were diagnosed. Hader says the actual HIV prevalence might be higher.

“The fact that 3 percent have already been counted, already been diagnosed, that’s a dramatic, dramatic health statistic,” Hader said. “It points out that HIV is a common disease here. If you really think that you don’t know anyone affected with HIV, maybe it’s time to think again.”

In addition to focusing on testing, the city plans to create a marketing campaign promoting condoms, clean needles and other forms of HIV prevention.

According to the report, at least 15,120 residents older than 12 have HIV or AIDS.