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Watch Merce Explain the HIV Facts of U=U in #TheMoreUCanHo

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Why do we poz keep harping on the U=U? The negs do not care and do not want to date anyone poz, even though they happily will have sex if they do not know you are poz. People living with HIV need to stick together and only date and have sex with each other and forget trying to change minds of narrow minded negative people.

February 18, 2021


I absolutely and unequivocally HATE that shameful, ridiculous PSA by Merce titled "The More You Can Ho!" At first I thought that it was a comedy clip from LOGO or SNL. After actually watching it, it seems more like anti-gay propaganda developed to make us look like silly, vacuous sex addicts. I thought that the U=U campaign was promoted to help reduce/eliminate negative perceptions of the POZ community within the gay community and society at-large--not reinforce and justify damaging beliefs.

February 17, 2021 San Francisco


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