David & JohnnyCourtesy of David & Johnny

Sharing your status with someone you’re just getting to know can often be frightening and tricky at the same time.

Focus on factors that you can control. Finding the right time to share your status can be the start of something great.

Here are four suggestions:

  • Disclose when you have established trust. Knowing the character of a person takes time. If they have not shown interest in being around for the long haul, then maybe they don’t need to know your status.
  • Disclose before there is intimate contact. Telling someone too late can be just as damaging as telling them too soon. They are just as much a part of this situation as you are. Respect them enough to give them a choice.
  • Disclose when you have educated yourself. Equip yourself with the facts about HIV. Being well versed with this information will help you dispel myths about the virus, especially around how HIV is transmitted.
  • Disclose when you’re comfortable with your diagnosis. Your date may reject you for being HIV positive. If they do, remember that’s their loss. One date’s bad reaction will not be every date’s reaction. Hang in there!

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