December 1, 2008, marks the 20th World AIDS Day—a day historically given to paying homage to those who have passed and for raising further awareness about the global epidemic. POZ asked HIV-positive folks supported by AIDS Services for the Monadnock Region (ASMR) in New Hampshire how they planned to look backward, and forward, on this day of remembrance and renewal.

Arne Grandell:
“Our agency brings portions of the NAMES Project quilt to the area every World AIDS Day. I will be traveling with the quilt, providing HIV testing.”

Thomas Simmons:
“Very few people know that I am HIV positive. On World AIDS Day, I will send an e-mail bulletin to my colleagues announcing my status. I will supply informative links about AIDS and local resources to gently let them know I can serve as a resource.”

Bobby F. Mouzon:
“I plan to travel with the NAMES quilt around New Hampshire, in remembrance of friends and loved ones.”