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Former College Wrestler Gets 30 Years in HIV Case

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Shedrick Grimsley

This is travesty and complete miscarriage of justice! These laws are predicated upon fear and biases that have no place in a civilized society !

July 21, 2015 Oakland Park


WHAT AN IDIOT! This is why Michael Johnson does not deserve a prison sentence - "The student said he has barebacked with multiple â??friends and ex-boyfriends,â? situations in which â??we trusted each other. I mean, I donâ??t just let anybody do it.â? Yet he also said he had bareback sex â??with people I barely knew.â? In those cases, he said, â??I knew they were clean,â? sometimes just â??by looking at them.â?"

July 18, 2015 NYC


This is terrible on all fronts! It is EVERYONE'S RESPONSIBILITY to protect their own health. So he didn't disclose. His partner was an adult and the sex was consentual. Michael's partner is responsible for his own health. This is a tragedy and the criminalization of HIV positive individuals has to stop. Shame on the State of Missouri and attorneys defending this case. They have now opened the door for more of these witch hunts!

July 18, 2015 NYC


If he was a giftgiver and knew he was poz, he deserves every day of the sentence.

July 16, 2015 Philadelphia


What about the accountability of those he infected? Was this rape or did they willingly have unprotected sex with this man?

July 16, 2015 New York

Jerry Burton

Again what sentences did his sex partners get ? Are we definitely sure that he Michael Johnson was the one who gave the one gentleman HIV are we SURE ? How come the sex partners have NO responsibility on protecting themselves at all ?

July 16, 2015 Fredericksburg


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