Michael Johnson

Bill Dobbs compiled the following list of links to coverage on the sentencing of Michael Johnson to 30 years in prison. First, Dobbs provides a framework for approaching the material.

The first link leads to a detailed report by a local outlet, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch; other links that follow are arranged alphabetically by the media outlet’s name. There’s plenty to be gleaned by looking over this compilation--the tenor of the headlines, which outlets ran stories. Even more can be learned by clicking on the links and reading or watching. Is the coverage fair or skewed? What sources are included in the story? If photos were used, are they mugshots? Is there material in the story about the larger issue of HIV criminalization? Many stories include perspectives--typically from AIDS prevention organizations or advocates--questioning or even critical of the prosecution and sentencing. Check the reader comments; some reflect other sentiments including support for the prosecution.

Ex-college wrestler gets 30 years in HIV case in St. Charles County
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | July 13 | by Mark Schlinkmann

Man Sentenced to 30 Years Prison For Exposing Over 30 Men to HIV & Infecting One
Askkissy.com | July 14 | by Kissy Denise

Ex-college wrestler gets 30 years for ’recklessly infecting’ male partner with HIV and putting four other men at risk
Daily Mail | July 14 | By Alexandra Klausner

ACT UP/LA’s Keiko Lane Asks ’Whose Bodies Matter?’ After HIV+ Michael Johnson Gets 30 Years
Frontiers | July 15 | By Karen Ocamb

Ex-college wrestler gets 30 years in prison for HIV exposure
Fusion | July 14 | By Jorge Rivas

Outdated HIV laws treat every poz person like attempted murderers
Gay News Network | July 15 | By Nic Holas

College wrestling star given 30-year sentence for spreading HIV
Gay News Network | July 14 | By Cec Busby

Former college wrestler gets 30 years for ’recklessly’ transmitting HIV
Gay Star News | July 15 | By Darren Wee

US: As college student, Michael Johnson, 23, is sentenced to 30 1/2 years for HIV exposure, advocates organise and condemn Missouri’s HIV-specific law as ’barbaric’
HIV Justice Network | July 14

Picking Up the Pieces: The Sentencing of Michael Johnson
Human Rights Campaign | July 14 | By Marvell L. Terry II

Warren Central wrestling champ gets 30 years in HIV case
Indianapolis Star | July 15 | By Madeline Buckley

HIV Positive Wrestler, Michael Johnson, Gets 30 Years for ’Recklessly Infecting’ Male Sexual Partner, Exposing Others
Inquisitr | July 14

Ex-college wrestler sentenced to 30 years in HIV case
InterMat | July 14 | By Mark Palmer

Lincoln College Wrestler Sentenced to Jail for Passing HIV
Jersey Girl Sports | July 15 | By Marcelle English

Former College Wrestler Sentenced to 30 Years for “Reckless” HIV Transmission
Joe.My.God | July 14 | By Joe Jervis

Former Lindenwood wrestler sentenced to 30 years for exposing others to the HIV virus [VIDEO]
KMOV Channel 4 News | Jul 13

Former wrestler who spread HIV sentenced to 30 years
KSDK Channel 5 News | July 13 | Sam Clancy

Former Lindenwood wrestler sentenced for HIV exposure
KTVI Fox 2 News | July 13 | By Kevin S. Held

Missouri man sentenced to 30 years in prison for recklessly infecting sex partner with HIV
LGBT Weekly | July 14

Johnson Sentenced in HIV-related charges
Lindenlink | July 13 | By Cayla Brown

Michael Johnson sentenced 30 Years for HIV exposure
Maybe It’s Just Me | July 14 | By Victor Kerney

Sex is not a Weapon, Neither is HIV.
Normal Anomaly | July 14 | By Ian Haddock

Former wrestler jailed for 30 years for ’recklessly’ transmitting HIV
Pink News | July 14 | By Joe Williams

Former College Wrestler Gets 30 Years in HIV Case
POZ | July 14

College Wrestler Gets 30 Years in Prison for ’Recklessly Transmitting HIV’
Queerty | July 14 | By Graham Gremore

College athlete sentenced to 30 years for infecting boyfriend with HIV and having unprotected sex with 4 others
Rolling Out | July 15 | By A.R. Shaw

The Backlot | July 15 | By Ed Kennedy

Michael Johnson Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for HIV Transmission, Exposure
The Body | July 15 | By Mathew Rodriguez

Update: Black Gay Man, 23, Sentenced To 30 Years Under Missouri’s HIV Criminalization Law
The Mad Professah Lectures | July 13 | By Ron Buckmire

HIV Experts Decry Sentencing of Michael Johnson in Controversial Case as ’Barbaric’
Towleroad | July 14 6:30 PM | By Jake Folsom

Former wrestling champion sentenced to 30 years for HIV exposure
United Press International | July 14 | By Fred Lambert

Man gets 30 years for HIV exposure
Windy City Times | July 14 | By Andrew Davis