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Our Days Are Numbered

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Just thinking about Bob and wondering where he is in his journey through heart surgery, wanting to open the opportunity to send prayers and well wishes for healing well while we wait for your next blog, thanks for all your previous ones and the service to the community virtual hugs

June 1, 2021 Vancouver


I've been positive since the 80's but was first tested for the virus in '96. At that time I changed my lifestyle and habits (like smoking, and not taking care of my health and body). I'm alive today @ 73 because I did change my ways and I'm alive today because of it. Everyday is a gift and we should treat it as such. There are no guarantees until you open your eyes to a new day. Live a healthy and happy life !

May 11, 2021 Kauai, Hawaii


Viiv health care say's they're in it for the long haul with us! they work with geriatrics, read their mission statement We built multiple ASO's with experience in support, they still work we just got to keep using them. Research shows HIV speeds the aging process so when we get heart attacks how do we say that's not AIDS related. City clinics have access to specialists who work with HIV team. Example of support tiny ASO was the place local member went for support to deal with Covid ASO+++

May 11, 2021 Vancouver


Hi, So this is a very important issue for us. Men and Women. I have been poz since 1989. Im in a healthwell study that focuses on HIV and aging. The main concern thats not being addressed is housing for people living and aging with HIV. Thats going to be the big issue. Think about being in assisted living or long term type of care where an untrained CNA or someone who has no HIV information has to help us with any physical needs.... Not going to be pretty. Think tiny home community.

May 11, 2021 Colorado


Thank You for this article!

May 11, 2021


Wishing you the very best, thanks for sharing, time to report in to your local ASO, and get the support available. Yes we are still dying, I lost 5 close friends from our local long term survivors group, and my buddies friend is on his way out right now, same as always. I also have numerous friends who have had the surgery you're headed for and others, myself I feel more comfortable with ASO and our clinic dr.s are faced with multiple comorbidites and geriatrics, Blessings my friend.

May 7, 2021 Vancouver


As we age, our health issues change. We still need access to HIV specialists, that may involve for instance transport to and from clinic. We also need training for gerontologists from HIV (and hepatitis) specialists, training for cardiologists and oncologists. Some of us have declining cd4 counts as we age affecting both our general health and response to vaccines. While HIV appointments may make up a smaller proportion of our time ID doctors still have a lot to offer our care teams.

May 4, 2021 NSW


You're so right. It's even worse as we get older, have heart attacks and no one on our lives. I hope the community comes together to start aging hivers support programs with a staff doctor to help with our issues.

May 4, 2021 Stow ohio


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