It’s been about four days since the ban on embryonic stem cells was lifted and I’m still living with hemophilia and HIV... not to mention a dormant hepatitis C virus that I just mentioned.  What gives?

I had big weekend plans with the Swatchmen, too. 

Perhaps I was getting ahead of myself.  And maybe anyone who lives to see a cure for something they’ve lived with their whole lives should get some pre-cure counseling.  Because what happens if I do see a cure someday, and I’m still boring old me?  Then what?

So what’s a positoid to do in the meantime?  For starters, I’m going to see Morrissey in concert.  Tonight.  I’ll let his songs get me through another Friday night- roughly my 1,141st, give or take a few- with my pet virus. But who’s counting?  I never added that up before this whole stem cell thing.

Seeing Morrissey makes sense- he sings about gangs.

If I run into him, I’ll ask Moz if he’ll write a theme song for a once-bleeder who gets cured and forms a gang.... nah, that would be annoying;  I bet he gets asked that all the time these days.

Positively Yours,

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