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Juan Carlos

Hi Saved, i read all your comments and though in leave it posted even though i completely disagree with your point of view, still with it i had to edit your comment to delete some inapropiated info you posted. First of all i want to thank you your comment, eventhough i have to clarify you this is NOT denialist blog... and therefore i don't accept denialist comments. Throught out the year of being poz, i have seen lot of people complaining about the meds we had to take... and claiming they were not helping us... well i want to tell you that it is easy to speak when you are not the one taking the medicine nor living with Hiv... so stop talking about something you DONT KNOW. AZT as medicine had lot of side effects but it was the first ever med launched to fight against hiv and it openned the door for many other meds that came afterwards... in the story, humankind have not been able to control the first impact meds created to fight new discovered illnesses had... and this happen with AZT. The important thing is that we learnt and were able to develop a different kind of meds that are easier to assimilate. Please, don't post denialist comments in my blog again. I prefer the scientific side of this war.

April 1, 2008


March 31st, 2008 I just watched the interview with Jake Glaser this morning and felt it was very SAD that this story came out to "promote" AZT, a drug that probably caused his mom and sister's death - and his life is saved because he is not on such a drug. Why didn't that show do a story on the December 2007 VERDICT of the women that won millions because of the HIV tests - and showed she had signs of AIDS "from" the medicine? I had hoped the days were over that the pharmaceutical companies were going to cover for these drugs. I do not believe there is anything called HIV (no virus), but that the HIV medications CAUSED AIDS. Instead Jake Glaser - in my opinion should be SUEING for wrongful death of his mom and sister, and not promoting AZT as a miracle drug - when it could have been what killed two members of his family. Maybe he just believed a LIE all these years, and needs to know the truth, and can "someday" be a spokesperson to really HELP. Please get this information to Jake - so he can at least do his own research on HOW his mom and sister died. The truth sets us free! I don't think he knows the truth. Jake seemed like such a nice kid - I felt he really should have this information. I know someone from high school that took AZT and died too, and left behind a daughter with no mom (she also died after her boyfriend died). I also believed the HIV lie too - UNTIL I meet a homeless man in Times Square that told me and someone I was with that day..that he was diagnosed with HIV back around 1982 along with about 5 of his friends (all drug users - with needles) and his friends took the AZT and felt great for weeks (as at first it killed off all bad viruses in their body assumably - but THEN it supposably kills off your natural immune system - what fights sickness and ends up killing you from my understanding) and then a long painful death that took about 8-9 years. The homeless man lived on the street - did drugs and drank alcohol, smoked - etc., and is a HEALTHY man to this day...still living on the streets and NEVER got AIDS - and still reads HIV positive. The ONLY one of his friends ALIVE and the difference is - he did NOT take the AZT and his friends did. I hardly call AZT a "miracle drug", maybe a better word could be (in my opinion) is a DEATH SENTENCE to those that take or took it. I am not sure if they even use it anymore - because of so many deaths and the controversy of the drug.

March 31, 2008


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