poz100_jacques_agbobly.jpgIn honor of Pride month, held every year in June, not to mention the pending Supreme Court case to determine national marriage equality, online insurance brokers Esurance recently released a video in support of LGBTQ marriage. The progressive ad features Jacques Agbobly, one of the 2014 POZ 100.

You’ll recognize Agbobly as one of the first faces from last year’s POZ 100, which honored people under age 30 working to combat HIV/AIDS around the world.

In the video, which talks to children of all gender identities and sexualities about what marriage means to them, Agbobly shares his perspective as a young gay man from Togo who now lives in Chicago.

“When I realized that I was gay, I definitely did not think that I would be able to get married. Culturally it was unacceptable, so marriage was out of the question,” he recalls.

Then, along with several other young, LGBTQ individuals, Agbobly describes his hopes that legal barriers in the U.S. will soon change so that all marriages will officially be recognized and protected under national law.

To learn more about Jacques Agbobly and his HIV/AIDS activism, click here.