Check this story on the Advocate, which explains how a recent study suggests that lifting the FDA ban on blood donations by gay men- or MSMs (Men who have Sex with Men... or MWHSWMs)- could add 219,000 pints of blood to our national supply yearly.

That’s a lot of blood.

The Red Cross supports the lifting of this antiquated ban, as do the American Association of Blood Banks, which is where I keep my money safe, incidentally.  Just kidding, I don’t have any money.  I don’t have a normal amount of clotting factor, either, and 219,000 pints of blood a year would be enough to aide in 650,000 medical treatments.

According to, “the Federal Advisory Committee on Blood Safety and Availability is set to reconsider the policy tomorrow and Friday at a hearing in Rockville, Md.” Let’s hope they move forward on this and lift the ban.

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