Just about every weekday for the last two months I’ve been writing my next book. It’s a vampire book. Whether it sees the light of day or remains inside of its tomb has yet to be determined.

I think it’s some good stuff, hence all the time I’ve dedicated to writing. I’ve been told it’s unwriterly to write about writing a book, which is why I’ve resisted and it is good advice, because then your energy refocuses from the story to telling people the story and then you it’s all downhill from there because it spoils the fun for everyone.

But that’s all. It’s a vampire book. It’s going to be a fun ride. I have about 30 Days of Write left to finish it, so wish me luck. Then it’s about finding a home for the book and editing. I told a friend recently who inquired, “I’m 50% done with the writing, which means I’m 5% there.”

Today, however, I’m taking the afternoon off. Gwenn is waiting for me, actually. It’s our 3-year wedding anniversary! And I’m 5% blowing it by holding things up with this dumb blog.

Positively Yours,