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5 Tips for Seniors Who Discover They Have HIV

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Lusty John

I'm in my 60s and still very much sexually active. My doctor has never mentioned PrEP or talked with me about HIV, even though I get tested for it regularly. Still neg. but do worry about it. My partners are also all older men like me.

August 16, 2019 Washington


I was diagnosed in my early 50s, about ten years ago. I have HIV and primary care physicians who work as a team. I ALWAYS take my meds, work out regularly, and consider my health a priority. I've had no serious medical issues. Paying for medication, even with Medicare, can ruin your retirement planning. Make sure to apply for financial assistance-local HIV/AIDS agencies and Medicare counselors (SHIP) can help. Stay active and live life everyday!

August 16, 2019 rural Florida


I was diagnosed with HIV at 52 and it’s been though, I have isolated and been through deep depressions especially when I started treatment, they say pill is the main reason why but also the fact that I’m a single person with few or no friends, unfortunate the place where I live doesn’t have groups for older HIV patients where I can join, will keep trying however to follow your advices, thanks

August 13, 2019 Ecuador


I was 55 when diagnosed. Previous to the diagnosis, a doctor said I did not need to be tested because "I didn't fit the profile" for HIV. I am now in my mid 70s, work out and am on meds. I feel good! So get tested!

August 1, 2019 Florida


Has even ONE Democrat Candidate talked about HIV and Seniors?? I guess I won't be voting "Democrat" next year!

July 19, 2019 Hawaii


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