Happy birthday to me. Now that that’s out of the way, I want to post a video Gwenn and I did a few weeks ago, “50 Random Facts About Us”. As sex educational vloggers, we try to tackle issues that involve HIV/AIDS in a way that doesn’t get people to turn us off.

On occasion, we’ll see what’s trending- and if it’s something that seems fun we’ll make a video about it. One of my favorite trend vids we’ve done is “The Condom Challenge”. If you missed it, here it is. Instead of shoving a condom up our noses and pulling it out of our mouths, we gave some helpful condom tips. YouTube comments are fun- some people hated being swerved, one person said they were coming to see a stupid human trick and got some information and were thankful for it.

50 Random Facts was a theme that was getting a lot of plays by vloggers... I couldn’t even begin to reel off 50 facts about myself, so Gwenn and I split it down the middle, 25 each. One of our best friends had no idea that Gwenn was a Girl Scout, so I’m sure there might be a few things here that surprise you.

Appreciate you reading this blog. I’m turning 38 in case you are wondering. Closing in on 40, baby!

Positively Yours,