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5 Things an HIV-Negative Person Needs to Know When Dating a Positive Person

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I agree w/ another comment left on here this highlights issues and complexities of neg & poz relationship. My Dr. said if I was ever wanting to pursue something w/ someone that was positive that I would immediately need to be put on is a very strong anti-viral w/ very severe potential side effects such a kidney and liver damage. Dr. said you have to trust your partner to consistently take their meds or you will be put @ risk. Undetectable confirmed @ time of test, Other times?

February 21, 2020


These are very basic but agree fully. Been with my husband for over 23 years, while HIV is in our life, it is not the center and a lot of times forget about it. I have always been supportive, but know this is his journey and I am there to support him when he needs it. Early on we made the decision that we would treat HIV like other health concerns and would not single it out to be central in our life.

November 27, 2019


The article validates why a poz and neg person have issues dating

May 3, 2019

Andy F

Most of us aren’t even infectious. Why would you write an article like this without even mentioning that? WTH is wrong with this magazine?!?

April 21, 2019 Cleveland


No mention of U=U? What gives???

April 17, 2019 Tennessee


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