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7 Common Concerns Brought Up by People Aging With HIV

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Hello guys!!!! there was not one mention of HIV LONG TERM SURVIVORS. To generalize people aging with HIV, inclusion is great, but people who are alive that became HIV positive before the arrival of the cocktail of drugs, have a specific journey, where we find ourselves now, here, surviving still, but most of us with a lot of issues. I am the founder of the largest group of HIV LONG TERM SURVIVORS, and cochair of the HIV and AGING workgroup in between other hats, I invite you to visit the group.

January 1, 2020 San Francisco


Another concern for those of us in SSDI is whether or not our benefits will continue in today's political climate.

January 1, 2020 Texas

Mike P.

Can we get some details? Which medicare advantage plan is the best for HIV+ seniors? Enough with listening, I am comfortable living with my dog and haven't enjoyed any social life outside of work - such that that is. I am fine hoping to be at home with my canine companion, the internet and plenty of entertainment. I don't need to talk to anyone, I've gone it alone for decades with no regrets. Need tips on entering the retirement age, which health plan, any patient assistance information. Thanks

October 10, 2019


This topic is of great interest to me. I am a 62 year old male, so not too far from retirement. The number one concern listed is mine as well. Not knowing, and feeling challenged, by the transition from my work sponsored insurance and Medicare and Medigap and all that. I've tried to research programs like ADAP, but I still have a lot of questions. Anything that you can do to enlighten and guide us would be most, most appreciated. Thank you.

October 1, 2019 Chicago


Living with hiv, dx in 1999. But most likely got infected in 1995. An ulcer in my mouth made me get tested. I was in a 9 year relationship from 1996. After my ex I couldn't touch the person who was my soulmate. I didnt want him getting it. He never did get it but, it ended our relationship since I wouldn't touch him esp when I needed him most. He went back to the church. I want someone in my life again but I dont act on it. Side effect 1. Side effect 2 I now throw blood clots to my lungs.

October 1, 2019 OH


Active duty military and military veterans face challenges of dealing with the DOD-Department of Defense for active duty Military and the VA-Veteran Administration for military veterans. Also family and partner military and veteran issues for those living with HIV. Linkage and community testing of Military veterans are major issues facing our community. Reggie Dunbar II Founder-CEO Poz Military Veterans USA INTL PO Box 56865 Atlanta GA 30343

September 25, 2019 Atlanta


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