Last week the big news was that Proposition 8 was overturned and ruled unconstitutional.  I welcomed the ruling whole-heartedly because I just don’t understand why it’s an issue and why the people are bothered about it care enough to launch the campaigns they do to, ultimately, “defeat” love, or the pursuit of love by others.

Get a life, is my thought, and let others simply live theirs.

Despite the victory, I feel guarded about the good news.  Especially if the endgame is getting this to the Supreme Court for a vote.  I don’t have any faith in the Court’s ability to rule fairly on this issue.  It also upsets me greatly that President Obama is against gay marriage, especially when his own parents wouldn’t have been able to marry in a handful of this country’s states as recently as the 1960’s.  It took sweeping federal law to end the insanity and gross injustice that occurs when the moral deficiency of a popular vote reveals the darkest aspirations of the human heart. 

In terms of living with HIV, I think back to my earliest experiences of dating... and hoping I could find love and someone who would accept me.  And the endgame was always the thought of marriage, the romantic notion that some other human would commit- or at least commit to the thought of giving it their best effort- to you for the rest of their life. 

To deny same sex couples this lofty goal is an injustice. 

Positively Yours,

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