Since my doctor’s appointment is on Thursday, I dropped by the hospital earlier today to get labwork done, figuring that I could hit the ground running with the 7/7 plan later this week.

That is if the T-Cell count and percentage are up to par. The viral load takes a little longer to come in, but it’s been supressed since I re-started treatment last year, so I’m not too worried about that. If my doc thinks it wise to wait until all the labs come back, though, I’ll follow his advice.
Being on meds, all in all, isn’t too horrible. I just wake up most mornings with a headache and a hungover, unrested feeling. I don’t mind hangovers, but I like to earn them with a good time or, at the very least, a few stiff drinks. I’m hoping that by giving my body a week’s rest from the meds, things will get better.

Oh, when I was getting pricked? there’s no better way to put it? I noticed that the butterfly needle retracted. “Whoa!” I said, noticing the spring action. “That must be new, huh?” The hospital staffer nodded, and said, “Whoever came up with this made them some money!”
It’s funny: a simple idea like that has single-handidly reduced accidental needle sticks. It’s funny that the meds I take to treat HIV were invented before that.