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A Privileged Life

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Frederick Wright-stafford

Mr. Kawata, I am not sure how many people have read your essay and yes, you are privileged and of another race than I. The conversation about race I am not sure you have the right point in pigeonholing the issues as simply about race. The issues for me are more about poverty, which all races have that aspect in the mix. You might want to put poverty on the talking board within different races, for the root of the problems in my journey of being an outspoken overcomer of AIDS, I have deducted, is more about education in good nutrients, education on how to communicate within the many economic circles of opportunities, within all cultures of races. More so, Hope with joy and compassion for those who are weaker than the strong hard workers like you of privilege. The angry of one must be addressed within their own journey, I have learned with forgiveness in action being the cure of angry and the beginning of healing in my faith teachings. I am tired of being used to be the angry one for ASO in the effort to advocate for Truth and Justice for the privileged. I pray for more joy of life in my HIV faith journey to kick up more Hope, Joy and Healing and for you and yours too. Healing In Victory Frederick Wright-Stafford

November 12, 2015


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