Last week was a busy one- Gwenn and I spoke at UNC Chapel Hill and also at an HIV/AIDS conference in Springfield, MA.  It’s always an honor to be invited to speak, but what made the Chapel Hill visit unique from any other college talks is how it happened.

The person who invited us discovered our program through Gwenn’s coffee blog, A Latte Style.  Pretty nifty- I never thought vanilla lattes and Anthropology outfits would help me raise awareness about HIV and sexual health!  The HIV/AIDS conference was a wonderful opportunity to discuss a lot of issues with my fellow positoids in the AIDS community.  I really enjoy speaking with people who really get this experience of living with HIV, it’s just a different feeling in the room. There’s a bond of just surviving this shit, the health issues and the personal issues that the stigma of HIV can exploit.  Most times, the general theme of our discussions is prevention, but I always try to emphasis that a healthy relationship is possible after a diagnosis with a lifelong sexually transmitted infection, whether it’s HPV, herpes or HIV.  This was especially emphasized in Springfield.

Of all things I do in my little corner of the universe, there’s little I love more than reminding positoids about how much we truly have to offer in a relationship. 

Positively Yours,

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