Despite continued action taken by the Trump Administration to undermine the Affordable Care Act (ACA), open enrollment for 2018 coverage began November 1 on This year’s sign-up period is about half what it has been in past years; it will only be open until December 15 in most states. Further, the advertising budget for ACA open enrollment was cut by 90 percent by the Administration, which will likely decrease knowledge of enrollment significantly.

To combat these efforts, health organizations and activists are working even harder to encourage enrollment for 2018. Get America Covered, an organization launched this year by two former Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services executives, is using social media to spread the facts and dispel misinformation about enrollment and is training others to do so in their own communities as well. Check out their ACA Open Enrollment Toolkit to answer questions about how this year’s enrollment period may be different. HIV service organizations and coalitions may wish to share this or similar toolkits to help people living with HIV, as well as their families and friends, get coverage.

Even with the Trump Administration’s attempts to weaken “Obamacare,” there are affordable options available for most Americans who need to purchase health insurance – most people last year found monthly premiums through the ACA marketplace for between $50-$100. is another resource to compare options or get advice by phone, online, or from in-person professionals.