This Halloween, a kid named Aidan is busy drawing up some scary monsters.  Which makes him just like a lot of other kids around this time of year.  But something that sets this 5-year old apart is that he is going through chemotherapy treatment for cancer... The good news?  The treatment is working.  The bad news is that he’s got a couple more years of tests, treatments, hospitals...aid-for-aidan.jpg
You know, the real-life scary stuff.

To help cover his medical bills, Aidan is selling his macabre drawings.  I wanted to buythis killer clown, but someone beat me to the punch because I didn’t know out Etsy password and username... damn it. Sucks, because the clown matches our red bathroom perfectly, which already has a piece by positoid artiste extraordinaire, Barton Benes.  That clown would have gone right beside a red squirt gun blasting out a little strip of Barton’s blood... Aidan, a lover of all things morbid, would probably think that was pretty damn cool.  Which is nice, because I think what he and his family are doing is pretty damn cool, too. 

Right now, his art store is constantly being updated do to the show of support for this family’s fun way of dealing with a serious problem. So, this Halloween, I’ll be thinking of him and all the other kids out there who are dealing with scary life issues at far too young of an age.

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