aids-is-a-drag.jpgTeam Supersnack showed up in full force this year, but the belles of the ball were definitely the AIDS is a Drag crew.  It looks like I’m pageant posing here, but I’m actually holding my Wal-Mart hat between my legs, I couldn’t bear to wear it alongside this impressive squad of AIDS Walkers.

Speaking of the hat... I’d foolishly stated on Facebook- which is quickly outpacing AIDS as the worst thing I have to live with- that if a joke photo of me in the douchetron hat got like 80 comments or Likes then I’d buy it and wear it through Christmas.  Some terrible, terrible people launched a campaign and now I have the hat.  Poz blogger David Copogna posted on my page, “I’m sorry, you look like a redneck with that Jesus baseball cap on. Was that the point?”

I limped my way across the finish line on Saturday, in what is now a tradition of injuring myself during AIDS Walks.  It’s my bum ankle, it really starts to tweak out around the two mile point, and really craps out after we do a post-Walk team brunch.  There’s talk of renting me a Segway for next year’s Walk, which is the only thing more humiliating than wearing my bedazzled hat.

But hey, I’d make it work. Segways look fun, and I’d dress up as a cop and grow out the worst mustache I possibly could.  Perhaps carry a megaphone and cheer all the other Walkers on, which would get old after about 300 feet or so.  One way or another, I’ll be there every year to Walk.  I love it- seeing so many people who care about the issue and want to kick AIDS in the balls is an incredible thing.

Thanks again to all my donors this year, including my mom who told Gwenn and I to “put food on the card”- which was mostly used for drinks.  Oh, and a big thanks to Kimpton Hotels for putting us and Team Supersnack, who were once again the largest non-corporate fundraiser in the AIDS Walk, up.  It’s nice to have the support of a GLBT-friendly chain of hotels that gets the fact that we need to continue to fight HIV, one swift kick to the nads at a time.

For now, I put my feet up.  Where’s my Cryo Cuff?

Positively Yours,



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