Gwenn and I reached Starwalker status this week, which means we’ve raised $1,000 for the AIDS Walk Washington so far... we owe a big thanks to our kind donors this week, former Team Supersnack Walkers Putra & Mark, Janet Lafoon and my good buddies Riki, Kawai and the baby Kenji as well as high school pal and recent Synthetic Division keyman Josh D’Elia.

In total, that puts us a little more than halfway to our goal of $2,000!

And that means I need to think of some new items to offer up for the next batch of donors... I’m thinking about some custom P. Decker Fungi drawings.  That’s my art alias from back in high school, which I kind of stole from Waynesboro’s most famous artist, P. Buckley Moss. She has a museum in the Boro and is famous for drawing Amish people and cute animals... and I’m famous for having AIDS.

But P. Decker Fungi is an alter ego, and he’s also known strictly for his art.  He made a name for himself in Charlottesville this summer with a series of chalkboard drawings of legends of pro wrestling that I chronicled on my coffee blog, Decker’s Daily.  Here’s a comparison of the works of P. Buckley Moss and that of P. Decker Fungi...

moss.jpgThat’s a P. Buckley Moss. Here’s a P. Decker Fungi!
There really must be something in the water in Waynesboro that breeds badass artists, right?  Well, if you donate to the AIDS Walk, I’ll draw a wrestler on a napkin and mail it to you.  And no, you don’t have to receive crap from me in the mail to donate, you can kindly refuse.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Positively Yours,


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