lemon-aids.jpgAgainst the odds, Gwenn and I made our fundraising goal of $2000 for the AIDS Walk in DC this year, which is this Saturday.  I really didn’t think it was possible, partly because of the recession, partly because I didn’t feel particularly inspired hitting people up for money this time around...

But, after sending out some emails, having a permanent link on the blog and posting messages on Facebook, we did it.  This money will be helping people living with HIV in one of the hardest hit areas in the United State, the capitol of our country, where decisions are being made to cut funding for HIV/AIDS.  That means that ADAP Waiting Lists (“Death Lists”, as fellow Poz blogger Larry Bryant and other activists rightly call them) will continue to grow, putting lives in danger when life-saving medication exists. Make no mistake, these are difficult times. (Photo below posted by Larry on his Facebook page during a recent rally for ADAP funding.)
That means we can’t lose our focus.  I am proud to do what I can, and I am deeply grateful for having the good health that enables me to participate.  And each time the Walk rolls around I think about it deeply and remind myself why I care and who it is that I walk for... I walk for those who need the support of incredible places like the Whitman-Walker Clinic, I walk for those we have lost to AIDS, and I walk for those we will continue to lose.

Positively Yours,
THANKS SO MUCH to all of our sponsors and walkmates in Team Supersnack!

Chez and the Stuarts Draft High School Leadership Class, Gayle Slifka, Jodi Perelman, Mark and Putra, Jim Richardson, Steve Henry, Riki, Lauren and Evie Hoffman, Katie Chiacchia and Andy Deane, Bob Geise, Tom Donohue, Ben Banks, Chris Reyrouck., Cynthia Neff, Irvin and Laura Santiago, Mitch and Hannah Larson, Renee Glisson, Sara Bodie-Schick, Byron Harris, Dan Veraldi, Duane Bandel, Janet Lafoon, Jenna Levine, Josh and Jenny, Beth-Anne and Bob Vieira and the kind anonymous donors as well.