Check out the thermometer below- Gwenn and I met our goal of raising $2000! Thanks to everyone who donated to the AIDS Walk DC, which is this Saturday. Of course, the fundraising isn’t over yet- Team Supersnack never stops, and is currently #2, trailing only behind the great Whitman-Walker Clinic themselves.

One of the ways our team have decided to get motivated- and motivate sponsors- was to challenge ourselves to do something extra stupid this year. We have Sara Bunting of Tomato Nation walking in her famed tomato get up, which inspired Nathan “Remember Me, Kenneth?” Cotter to go as a ketchup bottle. Gwenn has encouraged the pageant and non-pageant on our team to go in evening wear, coming out of retirement for the 10-year anniversary of her reign as Miss Powhatan.

But I had nothing...

As we neared our goal, I got lazier- why challenge myself? Then I realized I won a Courage Award dammit, and I was exhibiting anything but courage in not accepting the Supersnack Challenge ’09. So, I will be walking....

As a lemon. lemonshawn.jpg

But not just any lemon! I will be walking as LemonAIDS! Because, when God gives you AIDS, you make lemonAIDS. Why? Because really, what other choice do you have?

So, Team Supersnack marches on. This will prove to be our motliest year yet, and the fundraising isn’t over: for every donation Gwenn and I get this week we’ll be entered into a Supersnack lottery to get a matching donation. So a $5 donation could turn out to be a $10, $20 or even a $50 donation in the end. The math geeks are handling the logistics.

I just know the deal is awesome.

Thanks again to all who have supported us, financially, in spirit or just with a “keep up the great work”.

Positively Yours,
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