For two years I’ve walked/hobbled the AIDS Walk NY with Team Supersnack, a ragtag band of do-gooders from all across the United States.

kenneth.jpgEvery year, it’s been a fun experience. But this year, I have a bone to pick... with Kenneth Cole. His team finished in the 16th spot, $35,884. Just beating out Supersnack, who cracked the Top 20 at number 19, with $33,091. Like Kenneth Cole Productions, Supersnack now has Gold Team status.

And I have Kenneth in my sights.

You may remember, that on World AIDS Day 2006, Gwenn and I raised awareness for HIV/AIDS with Kenneth by staging a Bed-In in his storefront window at Grand Central. I blogged about it, if you want a refresher. In short, he thought that we needed to make-out heavily for the smattering of media to get more out of the publicity stunt, and we politely declined.

Since then, our paths haven’t crossed. Until I noticed last year’s numbers... I’m thinking that, if I outraise him, I can leverage that victory into getting Kenneth to make out with his wife in the window-seat of Gwenn and I’s townhome here in Charlottesville.

Help me defeat Kenneth.

Sure, he does a lot of fundraising and awareness for HIV. But I actually have AIDS, that’s gotta count for something, right?

Positively Yours,


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