Advocates from across the country gathered to lobby Congress on HIV/AIDS issues during AIDSWatch 2016, which took place in Washington, DC, from February 29 to March 1.

The organizer of the event is AIDS United, which received major support for the event from The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF). The group was the presenting sponsor.

I was happy to attend the event to witness how hundreds of advocates prepared to meet with legislators and their staff. An opening reception on Sunday was hosted by the U.S. PLHIV Caucus.

On Monday, training sessions were followed by networking sessions with an evening reception for the Positive Leadership Awards. Visits with legislators took place on Tuesday.

I had the pleasure of not only attending, but also of interviewing the grandchildren of Elizabeth Taylor, as well as actor and activist Daniel Franzese, an ETAF ambassador.

The first video is an 8 minute overview:

The second video is a 5 minute interview with the grandchildren of Elizabeth Taylor:

The third video is a 3 minute interview with Daniel Franzese:

If these videos inspired you to participate next year, please click here for more information.