I’ve been a lame blogger for the last week, in part because I’ve just felt a little lame overall. Not sure if it’s the summer heat, but my energy levels and motivation have been quite low.

Speaking of feeling low, I somehow ended up in one of my least favorite places yesterday- Lowe’s.  I hate the enormity of the store, and it’s association with another pet peeve of mine: physical labor.  With hemophilia, I’ve been able to avoid physical labor most of my life and, on most days, I wouldn’t trade that for a bucket of clotting factor.

Funny thing about yesterday is that I was enjoying my time at the store: until tragedy almost struck...

I was there with Gwenn and our friend, Micah.  Our mission?  To transform an old stroller into a rocket ship for a music video for our friend, Lauren Hoffman.  As we were scanning an aisle, a meteor from above nearly erased us from this planet when a 100-pound box fell from 20 feet above and crashed on the floor, destroying an item that was hanging out of our shopping cart...

“Look out!”  Was all we heard from the next aisle.  It landed three feet from us.  The workers rushed around the corner, and had a look of panic on their faces.  “Are you okay?  Are you okay?”  We were, but if Micah hadn’t taken a step to his left, he’d have been mashed.  If Gwenn or I had been a little bit slower, taken a few extra seconds on something during the 15 minutes we’d been shopping around, we would have been hit.

In regard to the crushed item in our cart, I asked if we could have a 20% discount on it.  The employees of Lowe’s laughed, thankful that no one got hurt, killed or sued as a result of that mishap.  Within moments, everything was back to normal.  That could have been a life-ending or defining tragedy.  See- I knew I hated Lowe’s. 

Fates, I have accepted your warning, thank you for sparing me and my loved ones.

Positively Yours,

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