The AIDS Walk NY is this weekend, and from now until May 20 you can make a donation by purchasing a Synthetic Division (my synthpop duo with Kyle Wiggins) song below. $2 will go to the AIDS Walk NY, and one song will go to you... everybody wins!

Unless you think we suck, of course.

And if you’re in the DC area, you can check us out live at this fundraiser for the Whitman-Walker Clinic.

Can you imagine if my band cured AIDS? It would be cool, but then what the hell would I blog about?

AIDS Walk Benefit in Brooklyn This Friday!

If you’re in the NYC-area, come to our team’s fundraising event this Friday. John Oliver, the wryly British correspondent from the Daily Show, will be there, as will other comedians, musicians and authors. Gwenn and I will be hosting, and ticket, time and location info can be found here:

Let’s rock the balls off AIDS, my blog be damned.

Positively Yours,

Last chance to donate to the AIDS Walk NY. Our team is neck-and-neck with Whoopie Goldberg, and I contend that My Pet Virus has done more for American culture than Corina, Corina.