The following video has raised concerns among the readership of My Pet Virus, in particular the chapter entitled “Ric Flair & Me”:

In My Pet Virus, I discussed my childhood/adult infatuation with “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, whom I met shortly after I was diagnosed with HIV in 1987. In the above video, it is revealed that all wrestling fans are paid actors, and I feel the need to come clean now.

I received a small fund for including the story in my book, and still get paid bi-monthly to talk up wrestling at HIV/AIDS events. I think I get paid more than the average salary alotted to wrestling, since the book continues to reach new audiences via my heart-wrenching medical ordeal and the following photograph:

Positively Yours... Or Negatively Yours?...


PS... everything about this post is false. Just wanted to share the video, which I think is hilarious. And yes, I still watch wrestling.

Let’s do the time warp: Just about a year ago I was finishing up my book tour for My Pet Virus. Check out the blog HERE.