askmetellme.jpgPublic Health Solutions (PHS) is a nonprofit organization that addresses critical public health needs in New York City, including HIV/AIDS care and prevention. "HIV Big Deal" is one of their most exciting HIV initiatives, a series of unique HIV prevention videos.

In 2006, PHS launched the first video. “The Morning After” tells the story of Josh, a gay man who believes he needs to get an HIV test. A PHS study showed that the video had an impact on behavior among at-risk men who have sex with men.

As a result, PHS launched the second video in 2008. “The Test” follows Josh on his HIV test journey.

Now, PHS has just launched the third video in the series. “Ask Me, Tell Me” follows Josh as he wrestles with issues of disclosure and safer sex.

Watch the video:

Watch a Spanish-language excerpt:

For full disclosure, I was asked to offer and did offer my advice during the development of these new videos. I am pleased with the results and I hope they encourage discussion.

Go to "HIV Big Deal" for more information.