Needless to say, I’m quite pleased with the outcome of our election. I have renewed faith in our Constitution, the very essence of our “civilized” society and our democracy. This is the first week of the semester, so I’ve been crazed with “red tape”; driving back and forth to campus (NJ roads are infamous for congestion, endless construction and bumper to bumper traffic), finding my way through campus, locating classrooms, buying my parking pass, textbooks, ID, getting lost, getting frazzled - you know, the usual stuff. I was late for my first class, “Civil Rights and Civil Liberties”, (which, in case anyone has been paying attention, have been slowly eroding) because I needed to watch the Inauguration of our 44th President. We’re not used to much “pomp and circumstance” here in the U.S. Our government is not supposed to be a repressive dictatorship or oligarchy. But let’s face it, we got pretty damn close to it lately. The damage is done and needs to be corrected. I have renewed faith our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, the first Ten Amendments to our precious Constitution and the bedrock of our society.

I was late for my first class, which was on January 20th, “Inauguration Day”. I needed to watch history being made. At this point in my life, I’m trying to make sense of the past while simultaneously dealing with an uncertain future. I’m starting to understand that the past needs to be honored and respected, but the future cannot be ignored any longer. I must look towards the future with hope and optimism, rather than dwell and remain in the past with its mistakes and regrets.

I stormed into the packed classroom, sat down in a huff, apologized to the class and just admitted that I was late because I had to watch history take place. I made it in time to face the future, as well as my irritated professor. I needed to make a choice, but it wasn’t too difficult.

I’m quite sure I made the right choice, at last.