Gwenn and I managed to avoid Snowpacolypse and get to everywhere we needed to last week, flying from Virginia to California, St. Louis and then Boston before getting back home today.  We really lucked out, avoiding snow that came before and after we left home and getting out of St. Louis and Boston just as the flakes began to fall.

The week was insanely fun.  Probably my favorite speaking trip ever- definitely in recent memory.  Over the last eight days, Gwenn and I spoke three times- once at CSUSM and then at two conferences, the The AFLV Central Fraternal Leadership Conference/National Black Greek Leadership Conference in St. Louis followed by the NACA (National Association for Campus Activities) National conference in Boston, where we were showcasing.  We had a little downtime in Los Angeles, which was nice.

The whole week was just very cool.  At the two conferences, we got to meet the staff of our new speaking bureau, The College Agency, who helped us get in front of over 1,000 college students this week, all of whom were very receptive to how Gwenn and I present the issues of HIV prevention and sexual health.  I love sharing my story- and the intimate details of my love life- as a means to get people to see that us positoids can have healthy relationships and that everyone needs to take their sexual health more seriously.

I’ll write more about the last week soon... and the characters I encountered.  And how I had to throw away my first iced mocha because, yes, it was that bad.  But for now, I’m back home as of this afternoon.  And I have just fried my brain on 7 straight hours of TiVo, including but not limited to Monday Night Raw, The Soup, Infomania, Toddlers & Tiaras, The Rotten Tomatoes Show and the Winter Olympics, where Snowboard Cross may have edged out Curling as my favorite winter sport.

This was a week to remember, but there’s also nothing like your own bed, which I am going to get reacquainted with now. 

Positively Yours,

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