I hope everyone had a great day celebrating the 4th of July.  I won’t lie, I had some beers and a veggie dog (Gwenn and a majority of my friends are vegetarians) and a real dog (I’m still 15% meateater) and then started a week on HIV meds before going to bed.

Why HIV meds? Because I’m HIV positive. :O)

Over the weekend Marshall and I played a Synthetic Division show, which was pretty cool. It was a small venue called Zakk’s Coffeehouse in Murfreesboro, NC, and it was cool because it was the first time Marshall and I had played together since last October, when we performed at the Campaign to End AIDS rally in DC.  Marshall has been a touring machine since then, playing bass for Bella Morte and going on at least three tours since last fall...

I’m not sure how the negatoid does it.  After two weeks on the road in May my battery was drained.

Lately my energy has been better, despite a couple of annoying injuries I’ve been trying to play tennis at least once a week and I haven’t felt as wiped out as I was when I wrote my blog entry about fatigue.  Another heat wave is hitting today, and will linger, so that combined with being back on meds may have an effect on my lazy bones.  We shall see, I’ll nap when I need to and try to work off that hot dog if the opportunity presents itself.

borisdecker.jpgHey, we all knew yesterday was the fourth... but do you know what today is?  Well, there seems to be confusion about whether or not July 5, 2010 is the date that Doc Brown from Back to the Future wants to travel to before being attacked by the Libyans at the mall.  My net research on this was admittedly limited, but I’m glad I looked it up before posting the misinformation, choosing to side with the movie buffs who are irritated with Twitter posts claiming it’s the date... I don’t know, I’m staying out of it.

What I do know is that we shouldn’t let any of that squabbling kill our July 5, 2010 future buzz.  Twenty five years ago when Back to the Future was released, it was scary times for people with HIV.  The antibody test had just been discovered, but nobody really knew if there was any chance for a future for those already infected.  We’ve come a long way- but still need to fight to get treatment to those who need it, to rally against the creation of more ADAP Waiting Lists for people who are too poor to afford health care or HIV meds.   

This future, for all of its faults, is indeed a reason to celebrate. Even if some of us are a little hungover from the recent past: yesterdays Fourth of July festivities.

Positively Yours,

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