I'm not sure why I can't HTML tag on this Poz Blog anymore.  I'm going to contact the Committee of Ten Thousand (the hemophilia community's ass-kicking machine!) to make sure there isn't any hemophobia going on behind the scenes. 

(Actually, I'm lazy and slow on the tech learning curve.)

Well, I fulfilled my co-hosting duties with Kristi Glakas, Miss Virginia 2005, and it really was a lot of fun.  I wasn't too stressed, as I've been to local pageants and they aren't really known for dynamic hosting.  Our friend, Nathalie, was giving up her crown. 

Pics will be forthcoming!

 As for the now, I'm back to my local haunt to get to work on the next book, the vampire story.  It's been nice to have a break- with the holidays, gatherings, the bloody wee, the Wii action, a Synthetic Division show, the New Year and my best impression of Bert Parks.  But now I get to settle back into a routine.

 Hopefully some good fiction will have been inspired by the last few weeks of real life.

Positively Yours,