4-7-07 UPDATE: Today, Dave of Vote For The Worst responded to the outpouring of support on this blog . I have been unbanned from the Worst, but whether I can recover from the initial shock of being banned is another story for another blog entry. Dave and I corresponded on email, and he told me to tell my friends to stop sending them “annoying” emails.

A couple of days ago I joined the Sanjaya rallying site, VoteForTheWorst.com, and posted about my selfless bid to rally the AIDS community around young Sanjaya.

Of course, I couldn’t resist linking to my main site, but c’mon; there’s a sweet write-up about Sanjaya there. So it wasn’t complete and utter self-promotion. The heart of my post was this kid’s inspiring rise to the top, not my highly-acclaimed cult classic memoir.

Really, if you think about it, getting kicked out of somewhere due to ignorance is somewhat poignant. This month marks my twenty-year anniversary of testing positive for HIV. In ’87 I was just a kid- infamously booted out of school- whom no one gave much of a chance of survival to. And, today, nobody’s giving Sanjaya much of a chance to actually win. I haven’t survived all these years to idly stand by and watch some kid’s Idol dream get crushed.

So Vote For The Worst doesn’t want me, eh? They think that Sanjaya can continue to ride his wave of momentum without the AIDS and hemophilia community?

Well, they may be right. But I’m not going to let them slow me down or ruin my anniversary. And, if you’ve been inspired by this blog, you can email them on my behalf, and I’ve even constructed an e-model below for your convenience.

Positively Yours,

COPY/PASTE this message courtesy of Shawn Decker on behalf of Shawn Decker (Copy after this sentence ends, by the way.)
Dear Vote For The Worst,
I can’t believe you banned Shawn Decker from your site for having AIDS.
*insert your name*

Support Shawn in the NY AIDS Walk. Listen to the Tori Amos cover. That will make him feel better about being banned.