Just saw a story on “Beer Pong Herpes” on the Colbert Report- just after reading a story on “Wrestling Herpes” several weeks ago... so, what are they, and which is real?

I’ll start with the what.  First up...

“Wrestling Herpes”.  This is the spread of herpes among collegiate wrestlers.  Since there is so much contact in the sport, and with herpes being one of the most popular Sexually Transmitted Infection for collegers, you can see how this could be a problem.  Especially if someone had an exposed outbreak of blisters.

“Beer Pong Herpes”.  This is the spread of herpes via the most popular beer-drinking game on college campuses.  This story went viral- getting picked up by many news sources.  So, which one is real?

Apparently the victory via pinfall goes to Wrestling Herpes.  In fact, one student is suing his college over it.  You can read the story at abcnews.com.  As for Beer Pong Herpes, well.. the CDC issued a statement explaining that the story was a hoax (their name was used in the joke article that got picked up). 

I learned about the Beer Pong Herpes hoax on the Colbert Report.  With fake outrage he had one question about the fake threat: “Who’s f#@ing our beer pong balls?”

Positively Yours,