UPDATE from Roel regarding blog post below: *** GREAT NEWS TODAY! *** Press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belgium (February 18th 2011) Following the recent ruling by the Court in Brussels on Samuel Ghilain - who currently resides in Ukraine - Foreign Affairs will comply with the court order to deliver a passport to the child. it seems the battle for Laurent and Peter to get their son home is finally at it’s end! -roel


“Belgian gay couple Peter and Laurent have a son, Samuel -age 2 1/2- who is trapped in an Ukranian orphanage. Laurent is Samuel’s biological father. The little boy was conceived through insemination with a Ukranian surrogate mother. ”Because adoption in Belgium is so hard for gay couples, we chose a surrogate mother in Ukraine, where it’s legal," says the couple.

But because Belgium has no law considering surrogate mothers, the two dads are unable to bring their own child home. People do not choose to be gay, should they therefore ignore their deep desires to marry, have their own children, create their own family?! Let’s hope this finds a solution, and fast! So that Samuel can get home to his loving family!"

Watch the video. It’s 10 minutes long, but can you imagine waiting two years to have your child returned to you?  This story is yet another reason why we have to fight homophobia. People in positions of power will use it as long as we allow it as a society.

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