This week I’m getting an HIV test. For real! Not because I’m unsure about my status, it’s just a quick and easy way to make $20.

Got a letter from Dr. Greg about the local ASO running a clinical trial for a new 10 second HIV test. So they want positoids to take it, to check the validity.

I already got my gag down... right after the finger prick I’m going to go into 9 seconds of hysterics:

“Oh my God.... what if it’s negative? What will I do for money? No more writing for Poz! No more AIDS lecture circuit!!! They’ll probably retro-actively take away my book deal.... WHAT HAVE I DONE?!”

If I thought I had the acting chops to really pull it off, I’d have Gwenn come along and videotape it for YouTube.

But wouldn’t that be something if I tested negative? Twenty years after my last HIV test?

Either way, I’m using the $20 to buy in for poker this week. Wish me luck on both gambles.

Positively Yours, For Now...

PS... my good friends in Bella Morte are going on tour, starting this Friday. Check ’em out by clicking on the calendar. I sleep with their manager, btw. (Yes, their manager is Gwenn.)
PPS: if you’re local, I’m playing a Synthetic Division show this Friday @ Rocks, going on at 10 PM. Then playing in Charlottesville for a costume party at the Outback Lodge on Saturday, October 27.