One of my best cyberpals and HIV/AIDS advocate, Gilles Denizot, made me aware of an event he is participating in to commemorate World AIDS Day. 

gilles-denizot.jpgFrom the Facebook Event page:
"The Benson AIDS Series, founded in 1990 by Downtown Music Productions and Mimi Stern-Wolfe, has promoted the work of gifted composers, musicians and poets who are fighting HIV/AIDS, and preserved the creative legacy of those who have already died. The series was named for Eric BENSON (1946-1988), a singer, actor, musician, director and friend."

To see the full program, click here, and click on “SEE MORE” under Event Info

If you’re in NYC, you should think about attending the Benson World AIDS Day concert this Wednesday at 8 pm.  Wish I could go hear Gilles sing.  Since I can’t, I’m going to support the Facebook group he founded, The Red Ribbon Army, and change my profile pic to a Red Ribbon. 
Join the Army by clicking on Gilles

Me, Myself & HIV promo from mtv staying alive on Vimeo.

My good friends at MTV Staying Alive are debuting a one-off reality show on HIV/AIDS this Wednesday as well, it’s called “Me, Myself & HIV”, and follows the lives of two young people- Angelikah Demonikah and Slim Banda- as they navigate the realities of dating and being HIV positive.  It’s well worth watching!  Check the MTV Staying Alive Facebook page for air dates, or your local listings.

Hope everyone has a great week. Let’s remember those we lost, and honor their spirits by raising awareness that HIV is preventable while living our own positoid lives with dignity and hope.

Positively Yours,

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