In response to a letter from a national coalition of AIDS advocates and advocacy groups, the Sanders campaign has invited us to meet with the Senator during the first week of May. The Clinton campaign confirmed a meeting with the Secretary set for May 13th. Some New York-based members of the coalition had planned to demonstrate in front of the Sanders and Clinton campaign headquarters on Monday, but both demos have now been called off. 

Dear Peter, 


This is in regards to the letter you sent to U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders on March 18 which I received via email on March 28, inviting Senator Sanders to meet with representatives of your coalition to talk about policy re. HIV/AIDS and the impact on our world. Thank you for taking the time to organize such a diverse group of organizations and individuals.


Earlier this year, Sen. Sanders issued a comprehensive plan to create an HIV and AIDS-free generation. As he says, we have the tools at hand to make this happen, but we lack the political will and the financial commitment from the currently political structure to make it a reality. It is going to take more than just promises from a political leader. Eradication of HIV/AIDS requires all of us, continuing to work together to make it happen. As the senator says, “When we stand together, there’s nothing that we cannot accomplish.”


Sen. Sanders will gladly meet with you the first week of May. We are presently working on logistical details regarding location and time. 


On behalf of the senator, our National LGBTQ Outreach team, and the entire staff of the campaign, thank you for your time and dedication to bettering the lives of HIV-positive people and to preventing the spread of the disease. Please do share our response with all of the other signers of your letter. 


All the best,


Sarah Scanlon

National Director of LGBTQ Outreach