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"Dearth of experience in Black communities"

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I think the Black AIDS Institute is correct that AIDS is the black community problems at least 48 percent of the new infections; however I believe it is a community problem of all colors, races and religions at least for groups that are not sticking their head in the sand and do not care about their children. Who is Jeffery Crowley (pic please) and is he HIV positive? What are his plans to curb new HIV infections during the next 4 years of employment within our USA government? Does he support HIV Rapid HIV Screening over the counter to be purchase without a prescription? Does he support the morning after pill concept for HIV; to stop new HIV exposure by allowing the purchase of over the counter ARV’s without a prescription? Does he support Needle Exchange programs or for someone to purchase IV needles over the counter without a prescription? Does he support the above recommend new policies in all 50 states within the USA and 190 global countries? What are his politic views of focusing on a Cure for AIDS and would he support a call for an elevated action plan for a Cure for AIDS to become a National Emergency effort and Global Emergency Campaign? Or is Mr. Crowely going to be just another talking head that is control by the D.C machine? Peace and lots of Love, Frederick Wright GNP+USA

March 6, 2009


Jeffrey Crowley, the new director of the Office of National AIDS Policy has probably been in or to the black community more times than Phil Wilson. Wilson too is of the white gay movement, and spends most of his life and love interests there -exclusively. I'm surprised he didn't try to get the position himself. Wilson probably new that such a high profile post would expose that he stole (or misappropriated) a million dollars from the federal government in 2001, that was allotted to help with the black AIDS crisis - Give us a break Phil Wilson, claiming that you will work with Obama's AIDS choice, just to have your name on their minds, to appear legitimate. Don't forget to let them know that over the time of your self appointed reign, HIV is now worse in the Black community, especially among gay black men, and women. You have no answers. Retire so some competent Black people can get some press for a CHANGE. Kevin W. Los Angeles

March 4, 2009


Our people Our struggle our life and I will add "You Can Do For Me Without Me"

March 4, 2009


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