I would have to say one of the greatest tools to help me live with HIV has been the ability to write and share my experience of how it is to live with this disease. I never considered myself a blogger but as someone who made public his insight. I think I wanted to feel less isolated with this disease, but by blogging I found a way to express my feelings and create a community of people who could either identify what I was going through or find knowledge of how it was to live with HIV. When it comes to HIV I am now a believer that finding a way to talk about your status whether it’s blogging, singing, dancing or speaking; it will greatly aid the life you live. The term is called emotional expression and it simply means releasing pent up emotions. Expressing ourselves has many healthy benefits and leads you to a greater place of wellness and acceptance of you r HIV status.


Blogging is a great way to communicate and it can combat the feelings of isolation that often leads to depression. having an online journal is defiantly different than blogging as one is private and the other allows others to see your posting and in some cases comment on them. There are several free sites on the net that gives you to ability to blog. A good online search will reveal the choices but as far as ease I would say the two best for beginners are Blogger.com and WordPress. Whatever route one chooses they defiantly are beneficially.  


So what and how do you start blogging? In answering that question there are seven great ways to go about blogging and the following are hopefully some useful tips that will get you started.


    Write what you know

    Try not to preach

With great power comes great responsibility

    Write for you

    Don’t write for comments

    Edit, spell check and edit

    You’re making a difference

See you online!