So Friday it happened again: cranberry juice where lemonade should be.

I went into the hematology infusion center, got factored up, and am still wondering what’s going on. Should find out after the holidays, which is to say I’m not in any life-threatening situation here.

In the meantime, I’m taking a nasal spray of Stimate, which boasts my factor levels, every other day. So tomorrow before I go to bed, I’ll booger blast myself again, the hope being that during the day on Sunday there’s no relapse. If that happens, I have to go in Monday for more factor since the place is closed on Christmas.

The crummy thing aside from a tinge of fear every time I urinate and that I’ve been unable to drink my fave holiday drink- the blood-thinning white russians- is that Gwenn and I won’t be able to go to Cleveland for Christmas, which really sucks because her mom has had her own health issues recently. Ah, damn my thinblood. I wasn’t too worried about going up there for the holiday until this second episode. The hematologist wants me close to home, just in case. The good thing is that we’ll be going to Cleveland in January- thus avoiding the holiday travel. By then I expect this whole issue to be resolved entirely.

As for the wee, it’s yellow now so I’m mellow. As for the Wii, Gwenn has reached Pro Level in bowling before me. But I’m still undefeated in boxing. And, as of today, we’re all set on Christmas shopping.

Positively Yours,

The Band Plays On: I’m playing with Synthetic Division on Saturday, December 29 at Outback Lodge, with Bella Morte and Phoenix Noir. If I don’t shake my booty as much as I did last time out, I hope you understand. :O)