Technologies move along at a curious pace. Just the other day I saw a robot baby on the news, created in Japan. It looked like a freaky robot, of course, but it’s facial “muscles” contorted and it curled up. Just like a baby.

Granted, it was 5’2 and weighed over 200 pounds, which makes it more of an American baby than a Japanese baby, but give ’em time, they’ll get it right eventually.

It’s obvious that Japan will lead the way in creating mankind’s human-like sex and menial chores slaves. (“Tie my shoe, RoboMechorey... and while you’re down there...”) Over a couple of glasses of wine, I got Gwenn to agree to buy me one several months ago, so my 50th birthday present is already taken care of. But there’s got to be a way to better mankind right now.

The last episode of The Price Is Right is airing today, and to my knowledge no replacement host has been announced. So why not outsource to Japan and have them recreate Bob Barker?

From what I saw on the news with Colossus Baby, they could easily recreate “Now Bob”, the loveable, slow-moving and sometimes cranky host of the recent years. And if Bob Barker is retiring because he’s too old to carry an entire week of shows by himself, The Price could foster trust with the viewing audience and keep Bob on longer by having CyberBob do half a show and fully take over putting duties.

There are enough recorded samples of Bob Barker’s voice that CyberBob could be programmed to respond using his human-likeness’s exact voice. The tape-recorded quips could be stored in mega-computer, which instantly sends them through the microphone which then projects to the studio audience.

As Japan advances, CyberBob could get younger and younger, more fluid in his movements. Can you imagine a television host getting younger with each passing season?

Just as long as he doesn’t get too young and handsome by 2025. I can’t have him coming around the house in the hopes of romancing CyberWitt94.

Positively Yours,

Support Darcy, she is honoring her friend CJ’s spirit by getting people to donate blood. CJ would have been 30 on July 6, the goal is to get 30 people to donate blood by then. I can’t donate blood, so the best thing I can do is support Darcy’s thoughtful tribute. Good luck, Darcy!