It’s been a little over a year and a half of the most nonstop writing of my life.  But Book #2, the vampire book, is finally finished as of 2 AM Wednesday morning.  To mark the occasion, this was my Decker’s Daily photo the next afternoon.

fangsdeckerdaily.jpg That’s straw paper in my mouth.  It wasn’t until after the photo was snapped that I figured out that vampires holding iced mochas are not scary, no matter how rock solid their body is with well-defined muscle.

I forced myself to stop blogging about writing the book, but now that I’m done I’m lifting the ban.  I’ve been irregular in blogging the last two weeks because I was really cracking down on finishing the book- a humorous tale of vampirism, set in a small town, centered around a group of incoming freshmen.

Yes, HIV is involved.  It’s my specialty!

The book was a joy to write.  I discovered my addiction to iced mochas through this ordeal.  But, at this moment, I am relieved that it is out of my hands.  Right now, my lit agent is going to look over it and then we’ll submit it to the publisher.  When I get any word on it, I’ll definitely blog it.

So... with colleges out of session and no more high school talks... how does a positoid fill his day?  Of course, I’ll keep drinking iced mochas, and Gwenn will keep snapping Decker’s Daily photos, which are being called “Iconic Imagery!”, “Daring Pictures!” and “Bravery in the Face of Mochas!” by no one.  What’s cool about the joke of Decker’s Daily is that I got some sponsors (Thank you again!), and one of them actually led to one of the discussions I had last week with an incredible Gay/Straight Alliance formed at a nearby high school.  It’s very cool the random ways in which we meet people, isn’t it?

With book #2 complete, finding a creative outlet didn’t take long.  Tonight I had band practice with Synthetic Division.  “Wait,” you say.  "Can you really call a synth duo getting together with an iPod band practice?"  Yes, you can!  But you don’t think so, how about a synth trio?  With a drummer? 

A human drummer! 

syntheticdivisiontrio.jpgThat’s Marshall on keyboards.  He joined me when my bandmate left in 2007, within a month of the end of his previous band, In Tenebris.  That’s Mike Johnson on drums, he was in In Tenebris with Marshall, so they immediately locked it down without any problems.

Now, if Christina- the former singer of In Tenebris- shows up at practice next time, I’ll know that I’ve been kicked out of Synthetic Division.  The victim of a non-violent (hopefully) takeover from the inside.   But really, adding drums and a friend to the band is going to make things a lot more fun. 

I’ll be posting more about our first Charlottesville show in July next week and, as I wait for a word on the book, I’ll be turning to music for artistic solace. 

Positively Yours,

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