The trip to Los Angeles was incredible, but since I’m sitting in a hotel trying to get everything together, I thought I’d wait till I could upload a few pics to tell the story.

bamabowling.jpgIn the meantime, I have to address an issue I’ve ignored until now: Barack Obama’s bowling. Much was made of the fact that he bowling a 37. I support Obama, yet I come from a long line of bowlers. I think this could be the issue that Republicans use against him in the election.

Bowling is a sacred institution, far more important than the economy in the grand scheme of things. There is a bowling alley in the friggin’ White House, the only reason why that shit job sounds appealing to me. But I can see the political ads now, suggesting that Obama will rip up the bowling alley and replace it with a basketball court. The number 37 will be splashed on billboards all across the heartland.

But it’s not too late!

Obama is athletic, but it’s way too late to teach him how to change his form. Plus, he has bigger things to worry about, and the last Prez to resign in disgrace- Nixon- was a great bowler.


photo by Julius Tolentino

I recently saw the photo above -of a bowling fundraiser for the Miss Virginia Organization- and I thought... what if African American pageant queens went into bowling centers all across America to assure voters that Barack is a decent fellow, even if he can’t bowl?

Tomorrow is the Pennsylvania primary- this strategy is too late to have an effect there, but I think the Obama camp should definitely consider the prospect.

Good luck tomorrow, Obama!

Positively Yours,



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