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Brain Drain & HIV

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Well, I turn 61 next month and that is exactly how I feel. Me and a lot of guys in our 60's. I was in a panic when I thought it was only happening to me. I realize there isn't much I can do about it.

May 19, 2011


Shawn, Well I have to say that I turned 48 in Feb of this year. I will also say that life begins at 40 for the world changes because you not longer care about certain things and others become important. I felt like I was in a new life at 41 for things just were different. I given my diagnoses in 89 and was told I would die within the year. I had the Bad pneumonia in 97 and almost died and well I am still here. I also have to say I went through colon cancer in 04 and yes they were not looking for me to make it and I am still here. I figure life is what you make it and I was born and raised in NJ(bridge and tunnel crowd) so I was there in the thick of things in the 80's and oh what a time I had. with the clubs and the drugs! I guess God has some plans for me and it just is not my time. I also do not listen to the doctors word for word because I just feel that they may have gone to school for years and got that piece of paper nicely framed on their wall, yet I been in this body for 48 years and I am sure from all the folks that have died and keep dying around me that I too would have been dead if I listen word for word. The other part of that is live life. That is the best advice I got for anyone. Just live life for that is what it was given for to LIVE. Folks get so wrapped dup in this and that and well the doctor said and the drug pamphlet says and screw it as I am concerned I do not even read those papers that come with the drugs. I feel that I know the basic side effect for various sources and that is that. I go out in the sun and yeah I figure it will kill me but I rather die at 50 and be able to say I lived my life, then to live to be 70 and say I regret that I did not go out more or I did not enjoy the last 20 years cause I stayed at home or did not have that drink or four. Life was given to live and live I shall and so should every human for worry is what kills more folks then anything for it cause stress and we all know that causes more complication then the medical field will admit. Any way I just want to say yes those are all symptoms that I have dealt with and just like today I did not get out of bed till 11 AM for I was tired and my legs are always screwed up with tingling or pain and my sleep sucks. I get 3 to 5 hrs. a night and 4 out of five days a week I need to catch some Z’s some where between 2 and 6 pm and still go to sleep at 11 or so. I am glad you are still here and you will make it to 50 just do not worry about what age you are and live life like a rock star!!!

May 17, 2011


I appreciated reading this because I sometimes feel that way but also have blamed it on the meds or some people say I'm 'spacey.' I am approaching my 30's and have had the virus since I was an infant. I will probably pay more attention to this now.

May 17, 2011

Bob G.

As someone approaching age 43, I can tell you that 40s rock. I've made friends I trust more than family (genetic family, that is), I'm learning that there is always more to learn about myself, and the poetry I'm writing is better than ever. Now if I can just convince myself that Botox is not a good idea! ;-)

May 13, 2011


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