The Associated Press ran a story yesterday about a report on the tainted blood scandal in Britain, which you can read here.

In Britain, 5,000 hemophiliacs were infected with HIV and hepatitis C, a third of whom have died as a result. The House of Lords (not a trip-hop band, unfortunately) member who headed the report stated that these infections are the worst treatment disaster in the country’s health care system.

“Long after alarms had been founded about the risks of obtaining paid-for blood donations from communities with an increased incidence of relevant infections, such as prison inmates, this practice continued. It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that commercial interests took precedence over public health concerns,” the report stated.

The non-governmental report pinned a significant portion of the blame on U.S. companies for collecting blood from the prison population long after it was obvious that this was a high-risk donor source. The AP article ends with the following: “This inquiry is a nonbinding investigation that will not directly lead to criminal charges.”


OK, no criminal charges- thinbloods know there will be no accountability. But the folks who were in charge of making those terrible decisions should, at the very least, have to sit down for an interview with Ali G.

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